CCI Cotton Conditioners Inc. and its subsidiary companies are dedicated solely to improving profits for the cotton industry through the application of Gintex Cotton Fiber Conditioners, a treatment and conditioning of Cotton fibers during processing.

CCI Cotton Conditioners Inc is committed to the world market through Representation and Local Service offering a winning partnership with the industry leaders, and committed representation.

Changes in the cotton industry are taking place at an unprecedented pace.

Developments in the Spinning Industries have increased processing speeds seven to eight fold in the last 20 years. The addition of Moisture and GintexIII Cotton Fiber Conditioners reduces the loss of good spinnable fibers while increasing processing efficiencies yielding more pounds of yarn out the door with improved quality.

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These advancements offer the latest combination of old and new ideas allowing the Ginning Industry to push the demands on natures cotton fiber, producing more bales per shift with increased turnout, while preserving NATURE QUALITY FIBER.

Through Gintex's latest Fiber Treatment System, applying moisture and non-oil based, non-silicone based conditioning agents, cotton fiber cleans better improving trash removal while reducing the loss of GOOD SPINNABLE FIBERS.
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